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      Subject to the approval of the shareholders of voestalpine AG at the Annual General Meeting, which will take place on July 3, 2024, a dividend of EUR 0.70 will be paid to the company’s shareholders. Compared to the previous year’s dividend of EUR 1.50, this represents a reduction of 53.3%. Taking into account the decline in earnings per share from EUR 6.01 in the business year 2022/23 to EUR 0.59 in the business year 2023/24 as a result of the sluggish economic environment and numerous negative one-off effects, a more differentiated picture emerges. In this respect, this proposal corresponds to a payout ratio of 118.6% (previous year: 25.0%). In relation to the average market price of the voestalpine share in the business year 2023/24 of EUR 27.86, this results in a dividend yield of 2.5%. Since the IPO in 1995, voestalpine has continuously distributed dividends to shareholders. The average dividend yield is 3.6%.