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      For the business year 2022/23, a dividend of EUR 1.50 per share will be paid to the company’s shareholders subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting of voestalpine AG on July 5, 2023 (2021/22: EUR 1.20). Hence the dividend is being raised by another 25% following an already significant increase a year earlier. Relative to the 2022/23 earnings per share of EUR 6.01 reported in accordance with IFRS (2021/22: EUR 7.28), the current proposal equates to a distribution ratio of 25.0% (2021/22: 16.5%). Relative to voestalpine’s average share price of EUR 25.09 in the reporting period, the dividend yield is 6.0%. This means that the current dividend yield not only substantially exceeds the previous year’s value (3.6%), but also the long-term average.

      IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
      Accounting regulations developed to guarantee comparable accounting and disclosure.