In the business year 2023/24, the Metal Forming Division pressed ahead with the further expansion of capacity and market share in the Warehouse & Rack Solutions business segment (shelving and storage systems). A new production facility for the American market was opened in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In Northern fall 2023, voestalpine also acquired Torri S.R.L. in Vicenza, Italy, through its subsidiary NEDCON in order to expand its customer and product portfolio in the storage systems segment. With an annual revenue of around EUR 75 million and around 135 employees, Torri S.R.L. manufactures shelving systems and storage platforms for a wide range of industrial requirements. The product portfolio includes both manual and automated storage systems as well as special solutions for individual requirements.

      In the Tubes & Sections business segment, an existing plant in Vyskov (Czech Republic) was significantly expanded. Overseas, the processing activities of voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation (USA) were bundled and expanded in a separate processing center. Production capacity was also doubled at Plant II of voestalpine Meincol in Brazil. The business segment also responded to the strong growth in the Chinese automotive industry, whereby voestalpine Profilform China invested in five plants for the production of air suspension components, particularly for Chinese OEMs.

      In the Automotive Components business segment, a fifth phs production unit was put into operation at the Shenyang site (China). For the first time, this is a CO2-neutral production plant, as it is operated entirely electronically with electricity from the company’s own PV system and, if required, with purchased green electricity.

      Due to the strong pressure on margins in the automotive industry, the focus remains on leveraging internal synergies and operational excellence.

      The Precision Strip business segment launched the new product category of NEM (non-ferrous metals) special strips, which are used in electronics applications.