The groundbreaking ceremony for greentec steel in Linz in October 2023 marked another milestone for the green future of voestalpine and an important contribution to climate protection in Austria. The decision to award the contract and order the electric arc furnace for Linz followed in January 2024. This is scheduled to go into operation in 2027 and produce around 1.6 million tons of CO2-reduced steel per year when fully operational. In the business year 2023/24, important preparatory work was also driven forward at the site: This included expanding the infrastructure, further clearing the construction site, and adapting the scrap yard. As part of clearing the construction site, a new raw material supply system was also built with an approx. 750-meter-long conveyor belt bridge made of in-house produced, CO2-reduced steel.

      Overall, the Steel Division is seeing growing demand for CO2-reduced steel.

      voestalpine now supplies 35 companies from various industries with steel products in the greentec steel edition—from wind energy to building technology.

      In addition to the transformation of the production route, the continuous development of the product portfolio remains a key strategic objective. In the business year 2023/24, the Steel Division implemented further measures to improve quality in the production of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels, such as the modernization of the hot-dip galvanizing lines. The core and, at the same time, the challenge of the Steel Division’s transformation strategy is the production of technologically highly sophisticated steels in a climate-friendly production process.