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Corporate Governance

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of voestalpine AG recognized the Austrian Corporate Governance Code in 2003 and have also implemented all the amendments introduced since that date without exception.

In addition to the mandatory “L rules” (legal requirements), voestalpine AG voluntarily complies with all of the “C rules” (comply or explain) and the “R rules” (recommendations) of the Code. The Austrian Corporate Governance Code provides Austrian stock corporations with a framework for management and monitoring of their company. The Code is based on the provisions of Austrian stock corporation, stock exchange, and capital market law as well as the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. The last revision was in January 2015. The Code achieves validity when companies voluntarily undertake to adhere to it.

The Code aims to establish a system of management and control of companies and Groups that is accountable and geared to creating sustainable, long-term value. By voluntarily undertaking to adhere to the Code, voestalpine backs these objectives and commits to providing a high degree of transparency for all of the company’s stakeholders.

Business transactions with associated companies or parties or pending proceedings (e.g., antitrust proceedings) are reported on in the the quarterly and annual reports of voestalpine AG.

About voestalpine

The voestalpine Group is a steel-based technology and capital goods group that operates worldwide. With its top-quality products, the Group is one of the leading partners to the automotive and consumer goods industries in Europe and to the oil and gas industries worldwide.


50 Countries on all 5 continents
500 Group companies and locations
48,500 Employees worldwide

Earnings FY 2015/16

€ 11.1 Billion


€ 1.6 Billion


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