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Refugee and integration aid

Steel life cycle – Aircraft component (photo)

Aircraft component

Against the backdrop of the movement of refugees to Europe since September 2015, voestalpine AG has been supporting concrete projects of the humanitarian aid organizations Caritas Austria and Doctors Without Borders. Donations totaling EUR 1.5 million are being used equally directly in the crisis areas and in Austria. voestalpine is also planning to create additional trainee openings for refugees in its own plants. The Group sees it as part of its social responsibility to create future prospects particularly for young refugees by providing education and work.

Locally provided medical care and education

Half of voestalpine’s donation went to local aid projects in crisis areas of the Middle East. Support went to the humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders, which treats patients in Syria and provides medical care to refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Our donation will provide 100,000 persons with the most important medications for a year and will provide emergency medical help for war casualties.

Around half of the residents of refugee camps in the Middle East are children who are growing up without a permanent home, education, or future prospects. Therefore, voestalpine is also financing educational opportunities arranged locally by Caritas, which provide children with remedial education that enables them to reconnect with the school system.

Initial aid and integration measures in Austria

The second half of this major donation went into a package of measures developed jointly by voestalpine and Caritas to support refugees in Austria. Here, in addition to initial aid, the focus is on education with the objective of ensuring long-term integration, especially of young people. This package created around 166 new residences and guaranteed psychological intervention in acute cases for 66 persons. German and literacy courses are being provided for 518 people, and 157 unaccompanied juveniles will receive a four-month-long course of study as a basis for further vocational training.

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