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Training and continuing education

Ongoing training and continuing education of employees has a high priority at voestalpine. Maintaining the qualification of the workforce at the highest level is an essential requirement to achieve innovation and quality and thus to attain success.

We view targeted professional qualification as a performance-enhancing factor for our employees. We rely on suitable development measures that are initiated as part of appraisal dialogues and local needs assessments.

It is important for us that employees are deployed in accordance with corporate requirements but at the same time in a way that maintains their health and is aligned with their life cycle phase.

The total cost for personnel development in the business year 2015/16 was EUR 51.3 million, 59.3% of all employees participated in either training or continuing education.

Group-wide, voestalpine employees underwent a total of 803,611 hours of training, an average of 30.1 hours per trained employee.

Management training

In its management training, voestalpine is focusing on the multiphase “value:program,” which was developed at voestalpine. In the business year 2015/16, 228 executives from 31 countries participated in this program Group-wide, about 50% of whom were from subsidiaries outside of Austria. The percentage of female participants was 15%. Online learning modules were used for the first time, and a learning support platform was set up. A separate program was developed for CEOs who have already been appointed to their position.

voestalpine also runs the “High Mobility Pool” development program for university graduates with a few years of professional experience in order to develop young talent. The internationalization of the program was continued. For the “2015 generation,” participants from Asia, North and South America, and Europe were recruited.

Professional academies

In addition to proven programs for executives and future executives, there are numerous training programs for ongoing professional qualification of salaried and wage-earning staff that teach specialist skills based on specific requirements.

Young Professionals Training Program in China

2015, voestalpine began a training program in China, the first program of this kind developed for a specific country. 38 employees from almost all local sites participated in the first cycle of this program.
In accordance with its corporate strategy, voestalpine continues to drive internationalization forward. The focus of its growth objectives is Asia, especially China, a future-oriented market. In China alone, the voestalpine Group already has 19 companies with 1,502 employees (excluding apprentices). In the most recent past, operations have been launched at four voestalpine plants; plans are set for a total of ten new plants to begin operations between now and 2020.

Three-module training program

This newly developed training program has three thematic focal points. In the first module, participants are familiarized with the voestalpine Group—the Group’s structure, its products, and its markets, both globally and in China. The second module addresses the development and enhancement of communication and presentation skills, placing particular emphasis on intercultural differences and issues.
The third and last module focuses on the acquisition of the required specialist knowledge and skills in sales and project management. Each module is rounded out by providing joint activities that promote teambuilding and visits to companies at the location where the seminar is being held. Participants play an active role in designing parts of the program themselves, a feature that supports dialogue and an exchange of professional experience and information.

Objectives of the training program

The objective of this training program is to provide voestalpine’s Chinese employees with a comprehensive overview of the voestalpine Group, to sharpen their professional skills by way of targeted training, and to enable them to profit from the sharing of experiences.

About voestalpine

The voestalpine Group is a steel-based technology and capital goods group that operates worldwide. With its top-quality products, the Group is one of the leading partners to the automotive and consumer goods industries in Europe and to the oil and gas industries worldwide.


50 Countries on all 5 continents
500 Group companies and locations
48,500 Employees worldwide

Earnings FY 2015/16

€ 11.1 Billion


€ 1.6 Billion


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