Compliance guidelines

      The provisions of the Code of Conduct are supplemented and fleshed out by Group guidelines as follows:

      • Antitrust law

        This guideline describes the prohibition of agreements restricting competition; establishes rules for dealing and interacting with industry associations, professional associations, and/or other sector organizations; and defines particular rules of conduct for employees of the voestalpine Group.

      • Business conduct

        Among other things, this guideline regulates conduct relative to gifts, invitations, and other benefits; donations, sponsoring, and secondary employment; as well as private purchases of goods and services by employees from customers and suppliers.
      • Guideline on dealings with brokers and consultants

        This guideline prescribes the procedure to be followed prior to contracting with or engaging sales representatives, marketing and other consultants, or lobbyists. An objective analysis of business partners’ environment and scope of activities before establishing business relationships with them serves to ensure that the business partners also comply with both applicable law and the voestalpine Code of Conduct.

      The Code of Conduct is available in 21 languages, and the Compliance Guidelines in 14. The entire body of Compliance rules and regulations applies Group-wide.