Overview of the voestalpine Group

      Worldwide, we at voestalpine work on innovative solutions made of steel and other metallic materials, day in and day out. Our focus is on innovation, technology, and quality. We want to continue expanding profitably in our defined markets and, at the same time, make our contribution to a sustainable future.

      As a globally leading steel and technology group that combines materials and processing expertise, we want to develop highest-quality product solutions and drive innovation purposefully in collaboration with our customers.

      Permanent innovation and refinement of technology are key to our performance in the long term. We invested a total of EUR 174 million in research & development over the business year 2021/22 so that we can launch cutting-edge products for our customer segments in timely fashion. Going forward, we will collaborate even more closely with our customers and intensify our cooperation with external development partners in order to accelerate the innovation process yet further.

      Our thinking is long term, our actions are responsible. Our entrepreneurial activity rests on three pillars: We want to create economic, environmental, and social value. Sustainability is crucial to all of our business processes. We conceive of sustainability as a wholly integrated roadmap based on a best-in-class approach.

      The digital transformation is integral to our activities. Not only is it the basis for optimizing business processes and further enhancing our operational excellence, it will also become an ever-growing aspect of the systems solutions and service models we offer.

      Highly-qualified employees are decisive to voestalpine’s success. We work intensely to ensure that our work environment offers added value so that we can continue recruiting and keeping the best minds. Our comprehensive Training and Continuing Professional Development programs aim to foster each and everyone according to their talents and abilities. A trusting leadership culture is designed to ensure that every single employee can contribute to the company’s success in ways that are self directed, solution oriented, and efficient.

      Thanks to its investments and acquisitions, through the years voestalpine has built a portfolio comprising four divisions that stands out through a unique combination of expertise in both materials and processing. These four divisions benefit from mutual synergy effects. The segments specialized in processing are expanding worldwide in their defined markets together with their long-term, strategic customers. In materials development, our focus is on continual refinement in terms of both technology and quality while maintaining capacities. The intensifying trend toward sustainability ensures ever growing demand for voestalpine’s products.

      Takeover or purchase of companies or of interests in companies.