Preventive measures are the first line of defense of an efficient Compliance management system. Comprehensive training programs to that end have been carried out across the Group in recent years. E-learning systems, in particular, are increasingly being used in addition to face-to-face training in order to achieve the broadest possible training effect. For example, to date web-based courses have been used to train some 13,600 Group employees in antitrust law and some 28,500 employees with respect to the Code of Conduct, in each case including a final test. Face-to-face training is tailored to target groups, for one, and generally carried out as part of executive training programs and in connection with specific training programs for non-executive employees in sales and procurement, for another. In the business year 2021/22, however, such face-to-face training was offered only in part on account of the COVID-19 pandemic along with the resulting governmental restrictions and/or internal protection and security measures or was replaced by training via video conferencing. Over and above these measures, Compliance issues are repeatedly brought to the attention of voestalpine’s personnel through regular communications, especially employee magazines and poster campaigns or in the context of Group and divisional events.

      • Information on the subject of Compliance in the voestalpine Group is also available on the website of voestalpine AG and, specifically for employees, on the Group’s intranet.