Revenue of the voestalpine Group

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      Revenue of the voestalpine Group (bar chart)

      In terms of both revenue and earnings, as of March 31, 2022, the voestalpine Group closed the books on its most successful business year since its founding. The outstanding performance of both the Steel Division and the Metal Forming Division in the reporting period paved the way for this stunning outcome. These two divisions’ key performance indicators (KPIs) hit all-time highs as well. The High Performance Metals Division and the Metal Engineering Division (the Group’s two other business units) also substantially boosted their year-over-year revenue and earnings. In sum, the voestalpine Group’s revenue for the business year 2021/22 rose by 36.9% to EUR 14,923.2 million (2020/21: EUR 10,901.9 million). Note that the voestalpine Texas Group is shown in the consolidated financial statements as a discontinued operation and that the previous year’s figures have been adjusted accordingly. Both volume and price effects pushed revenue growth at the Group level. While all four divisions, but particularly the Metal Engineering Division, expanded their deliveries, the Steel Division is the unit that profited primarily from the sharp price increases. As far as developments in key customer segments are concerned, the rebound in the oil and natural gas sector contributed to the revenue growth, whereas demand in the automotive industry remained highly volatile in the reporting period also. Revenue rose continually over the course of the business year, but jumped suddenly in the fourth business quarter.