Composition of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board

      Professional suitability (i.e., whether the candidate possesses the requisite competence and experience) and personality traits (e.g., personal integrity) are material criteria in the selection and appointment of Management Board members. In addition, age and gender are also included in the decision-making process. Independent management audits by external advisers that are conducted as necessary ensure that the decisions are also based on objective evaluations. At present, no woman sits on the Management Board of voestalpine AG. The members of the Management Board are between 53 and 64 years of age, possess a range of educational credentials primarily in technical fields as well as widely ranging professional and international management experience. The shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board are elected by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the applicable statutory framework. At this time, the Supervisory Board includes four women and two non-Austrian nationals. The members of the Supervisory Board are between 51 and 79 years of age and possess a wide range of professional expertise as well as professional and management experience.