Attractiveness as an Employer

      Employee survey

      voestalpine regularly conducts a Group-wide survey to ascertain employee satisfaction. The most recent one took place in the Northern fall of 2019. Since then, its findings have been processed and analyzed, suitable actions have been defined, and implementation thereof has been tracked. The two most important action steps that were stipulated for each company were reported by the end of September 2020 using a Group-wide reporting tool (total of 428 measures in 215 companies). As of March 31, 2022, fully 90% of all these measures were being implemented or could be considered as having been put into practice.

      The next Group-wide employee survey will take place in the Northern fall of 2022. It will be carried out in 233 Group companies in 47 countries and will be available in 25 languages. Data on employees’ level of commitment—i.e., the degree to which employees identify with their company—will once again be collected. There will be ten additional questions. Among other things, they concern career opportunities, work/life balance, collaboration with colleagues and coworkers as well as feedback regarding supervisors.

      Employer Branding

      voestalpine’s positioning as an attractive employer is very important to the Group, because it can drive innovation and compete successfully in the market only if it has committed and professionally competent employees. In this connection, the regular employee survey serves as a barometer of employee satisfaction and results in the development of pertinent internal responses. Numerous external personnel marketing activities such as collaborations with (primarily technical) universities, participation in job fairs and career expos as well as sponsoring are pursued to further enhance voestalpine’s employer branding. A strong presence in all of the relevant online and social media channels as well as proactive reporting from and about the company boost voestalpine’s visibility among the target groups.

      Worldwide training in retention management

      In the business year 2021/22, a number of keynote speeches on the issue of employee loyalty were given as part of our CPD program for all employees who work in Human Resources (HR) Group-wide. Experts introduced various tools that serve to develop the employer/employee relationship to strengthen it over the long term in ways satisfactory to both sides. The HR personnel learned how retention management works, and how they themselves can foster individual employees’ loyalty to the company through appropriate advice and support. This program was aimed at conveying a realistic sense of how successful management of the relationship between the human being and the organization can help all parties fully realize their potential.

      Annual employee performance review

      By now, the annual employee performance review has become a key HR development tool in many voestalpine companies. A structured conversation between supervisor and employee once a year outside of daily routines provides the basis for positive collaboration. Careful preparation, regularity, and documentation distinguish these reviews from other kinds of meetings. They involve having both parties take time out to discuss important matters. To describe the process metaphorically: The people involved move from the “pitch,” where daily activity takes place, to the “stadium seating,” where it’s possible to jointly reflect on things at a remove.

      Annual employee performance reviews of all salaried employees are mandatory throughout the Group. A recommendation has been made to introduce suitable instruments of this nature (e.g., team performance reviews) for wage employees also, but the binding standards do not provide relevant guidance. While corporate headquarters offers standardized questionnaires and manuals, adjustments specific to companies and countries may be made.

      In the business year 2021/22, a total of 28,959 employee performance reviews were conducted Group-wide.

      Protection of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

      Even the business year ended (2021/22) was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated local and national measures and thus posed a challenge for our workforce. The health and safety of our employees has the highest priority for us. The COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) task forces that were established back in 2020 at the level of both the divisions and the Group thus continued their work so that steps can be taken operationally in close coordination with the Group’s Management Board and are continually adjusted to current requirements. voestalpine has also been in constant contact with both government agencies and employee representatives.

      Among other things, the teleworking options for employees whose work makes it possible to do so were expanded, and face-to-face meetings and business travel were reduced to the absolute minimum and/or shifted to digital options where feasible. The company ensures that comprehensive hygiene measures are in place and continues to make protective gear and disinfectants available. At many facilities, vaccination campaigns have been carried out with the help of in-house medical personnel. voestalpine has also contributed to several national public service campaigns in favor of vaccination. We have communicated absolutely all steps of this nature to our employees, across the board and in real time.

      The fact that both operations at our manufacturing facilities and the Group’s day-to-day business are running so smoothly despite all restrictions and risks is owed largely to the commitment and flexibility of each and every employee.

      Recruiting in the age of COVID-19

      The COVID-19 pandemic also brought about challenges in personnel recruiting and made it necessary to adjust the process accordingly. Where possible, meetings were conducted by telephone or video conferencing. Face-to-face interviews were held subject to compliance with all safety precautions such as wearing masks or face coverings and maintaining minimum physical distances. Besides sanitizers and disinfectants being on hand, plexiglass partitions were installed as well to protect all parties.