As of the annual reporting date (March 31, 2022), the voestalpine Group was training 1,369 apprentices in about 50 skilled trades, the majority (62.9%) at locations in Austria. A total of 19.8% of apprentices were being trained in Germany under the dual system applicable in that country. Because this training is based on defined needs, almost all of the apprentices who successfully complete their training are offered full-time positions. voestalpine believes that it has the duty to invest in the training of young, skilled workers. The development of personal and social skills is equally important over and above excellent professional training. On average, the Group invests more than EUR 90,000 on training a single apprentice.

      New ways had to be found during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet with potential apprentices for the company’s roughly 500 trainee slots. Online formats such as a digital open house, digital presentations by the company at schools, or participation in digital trade shows took the place of in-person trade shows, in-person open houses, and face-to-face applicant interviews. The Group’s HR departments continually review their options in their given regions in order to determine whether face-to-face meetings with applicants are possible.

      Hybrid group apprentice day

      Even the annual voestalpine Group Apprentice Day had to take place in a completely new format due to the limitations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This event enables apprentices to network Group-wide and gives them insights beyond their own workplace. Apprentices thus met on October 5, 2021, for a hybrid event: The Management Board as well as select representatives of the Linz facility spoke via livestream from Stahlwelt to approximately 500 apprentices and their trainers from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Individuals at locations outside of these three countries connected with trainers and apprentices interactively and provided insights into the apprenticeship activities and environmental management at their given facilities. The Group’s apprentices also learned yet again in this connection that climate action is integral to voestalpine’s corporate philosophy. Their professional and private environmental engagement was honored during the “voestalpine goes green” apprentice contest. The festive award ceremony was held during the digital Group Apprentice Day and showcased our future skilled workers’ pronounced awareness of sustainability.