Corporate Responsibility Management

      The Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee and the CR Manager are mainly responsible for Corporate Responsibility Management (CRM), for identifying topics relevant to CR as well as for assessing their materiality. The CR Manager is responsible for coordinating within voestalpine and represents the company at numerous events and initiatives related to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

      The company’s CEO chairs the Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee. It comprises the heads of the following Group departments: Compliance, Legal, Environment, Research, Communications, Human Resources, health & safety, Investor Relations, General Procurement and Raw Materials Procurement as well as International Business Relations.

      This Committee discusses issues that stakeholders bring to the attention of voestalpine in connection with particular events or that are becoming increasingly significant in the ongoing sustainability debate. These discussions also involve exploring the ramifications of voestalpine’s activities in connection with such topics and adopting measures as necessary to mitigate adverse effects.