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Number of Supervisory Board meetings and significant matters raised during Supervisory Board meetings and meetings of the committees during the business year

During the business year 2014/15, the Supervisory Board fulfilled its responsibilities under the law and the Articles of Incorporation, holding six plenary sessions, three meetings of the Audit Committee, and two meetings of the General Committee. In addition to ongoing reports on the Group’s current economic and financial situation, the meetings of the Supervisory Board dealt in particular with matters involving long-term supply of raw materials, innovation, IT, and procurement. The Audit Committee dealt with the review and preparation of the approval of the Company’s consolidated financial statements and the individual financial statements, preparation of the recommendation for the appointment of an auditor as well as topics relative to the internal control system, the risk management system, and Internal Auditing. In its function as the Compensation Committee, the General Committee also dealt with questions relative to compensation of the members of the Management Board, and in its function as the Nomination Committee, it dealt with the preparation of changes in the composition of the Management Board. Moreover, a focal point of its activity was the preparation of the recommendation for the appointment of the members of the Supervisory Board at the Annual General Meeting on July 2, 2014.

In the last meeting of the business year, the Supervisory Board carried out the self-evaluation stipulated under Rule 36 of the Corporate Governance Code and, utilizing a list of questions, dealt with the general cooperation between Management Board and Supervisory Board, quality and scope of the documents made available to the Supervisory Board as well as organizational questions.

About voestalpine

The voestalpine Group is a steel-based technology and capital goods group that operates worldwide. With its top-quality products, the Group is one of the leading partners to the automotive and consumer goods industries in Europe and to the oil and gas industries worldwide.


50 Countries on all 5 continents
500 Group companies and locations
48,100 Employees worldwide

Earnings FY 2014/15

€ 11.2 Billion


€ 1.5 Billion


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