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Stakeholder dialogue on energy and climate policy

voestalpine engages in intensive dialogue with political decision-makers, advocacy groups, science and the interested public, at global as well as European and national level.

Since early 2016 an institutionalized dialogue forum has been actively considering the long-term direction of Austrian energy and climate policy. Representatives include the local branches of the WWF, GLOBAL 2000, and Greenpeace, the Austrian renewable energy umbrella association EEÖ, and voestalpine. The dialogue is moderated by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

The forum arose from the conviction that solving the conflicting aims of decarbonizing the economic system on one hand, and industrial interests on the other, is vital. It considers framework conditions which allow decarbonization to become a reality, while simultaneously ensuring that energy-intensive industries remain competitive during this transformation process.

At the turn of the year 2016/17 a joint consensus paper was drawn up which was then supported by all the dialogue partners in, for example, talks with the federal government and at various levels within the specialist departments, and contributed to shaping an integrated energy and climate strategy. The dialogue forum is expanded as required to include additional partners such as experts from business, ministries, and the energy sector, in order to discuss solutions and support their subsequent implementation.

The consensus paper drawn up by the dialogue forum is available at: Consensus-paper_dialogue_june2017.pdf

voestalpine is also actively engaged in discussion events with pupils (e.g., as part of the pupils against air pollution initiative), students, and in many industrial, scientific and public opinion forums on the subject of energy and climate policy.

About voestalpine

In its business segments, voestalpine is a globally leading technology and capital goods group with a unique combination of material and processing expertise. With its top-quality products and system solutions using steel and other metals, it is a leading partner to the automotive and consumer goods industries in Europe and to the aerospace, oil and gas industries worldwide. The voestalpine Group is also the world market leader in turnout technology, special rails, tool steel, and special sections.


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