Waste management

Waste that accrues in the production process is categorized as hazardous and as non-hazardous waste. All waste must be sent to a landfill, utilized externally, or disposed of.

Hazardous waste is all waste that requires special handling, utilization/recycling, or disposal due to particular characteristics, which are defined by statutory provisions under waste legislation.

The charts present the amount of waste that accrues in the voestalpine Group, broken down into hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The deviations in the figures in recent years are due, on one hand, to the naturally occurring fluctuations in the logistics of the management of interim storage facilities and, on the other, to the modified methodology with regard to how waste products and by-products are calculated.

Due to economic crisis in 2009, less hazardous waste was utilized/disposed of externally; it was instead increasingly stored in an interim storage facility.

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