At all of its production sites, voestalpine respects the environment and treats natural resources responsibly.

All planned measures and projects, such as new construction, renovations, or decommissioning of production facilities, are carefully analyzed with regard to their impact on the eco-system or on areas requiring particular protection. Mitigation and compensatory measures are taken when necessary.

Within the scope of the expansion projects at the Linz site, the impact of steel production on biodiversity was examined by way of an environmental impact assessment, and measures to preserve biodiversity were developed and implemented.

At the Linz site, most of the grounds are paved or developed with industrial buildings. Nevertheless, a remarkable number of animal species were found and described within the scope of habitat mapping and other ecological studies. In order to make the plant grounds attractive for rare animal species, 64 nesting boxes were installed to improve the availability of nesting sites for bird species that nest in or on buildings, such as swifts, kestrels, and peregrine falcons.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz is also planning to build a fish ladder in the Vordernbergerbach within the scope of its flood protection measures. This measure will ensure the passability of the Vordernbergerbach on the voestalpine premises and will create a near-natural state.

The impact of emissions on all environmental media is being evaluated quantitatively using site-specific propagation models; this complements emissions monitoring.

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