Environmental standards

Standardized environmental management systems, such as ISO 14001 or EMAS, ensure improvement and standardization of a company’s environmental performance. The certified companies undergo a comprehensive environmental assessment within the scope of an annual audit by independent, external environmental experts.

55% of the voestalpine production sites have an environmental management system based on ISO 14001. 14 Group companies have an environmental management system that has been validated according to EMAS. In the environmental statements required by EMAS, voestalpine discloses the environmentally-relevant facts and figures of the respective Group companies. This creates transparency both for the company internally and for external stakeholders.


To increase the number of voestalpine production companies certified under ISO 14001 by 10 % by 2015.

Compliance with environmental standards

At around EUR 213 million, ongoing expenses for the operation and maintenance of environmental protection systems at the Austrian production sites in the business year 2012/13 remained at almost the same level as in the previous year.

Environmental expenditures include all costs incurred by measures to keep the environment clean by avoiding, removing, preventing, or reducing emissions, pollution, and noise, such as internal recycling, removal of waste, emissions testing, depreciation, personnel costs, recycling of materials, and the costs incurred by switching to more environmentally-friendly production processes.

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