Biodiversity (Photo)

      voestalpine has been putting its social responsibility into practice for decades—at both the Group level and in the orbit of its Group companies. Concrete projects in the arts, culture, and sports as well as in the social arena are selected at different facilities and sponsored through donations in money and in kind.

      While many of these projects and events were canceled or postponed due to the fallout from the global COVID-19 pandemic, voestalpine’s Group companies continued to support long-term activities.

      As soon as the limitations arising from the COVID-19 crisis have been overcome, voestalpine will once again resume its activities at the regional level and continue to strengthen its activities at the social level.

      Code of conduct for voestalpine’s lobbyists (Lobbying code of conduct)

      voestalpine adopted a Lobbying Code of Conduct for the first time in the business year 2020/21. In order to provide a clear and transparent framework for the company’s lobbying activities, it regulates dealings with stakeholders in Austria as well as in Europe and internationally in accordance with the Austrian Lobbying and Advocacy Transparency Act. Just as the general Code of Conduct, the Lobbying Code of Conduct, too, applies to all members of the management boards, the managing directors, and the non-executive employees of all entities in which voestalpine AG has a direct or indirect interest of at least 50% or which it controls in some other way.