Related party disclosures

      Business transactions in the form of deliveries and services are carried out with non-consolidated subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associated Group companies as part of operational activities. These business transactions are carried out exclusively based on normal market terms.

      The volume of business transactions with associated companies and parties was similar to that re­ported in the Consolidated Financial Statements 2020/21. Neither the financial position nor the earnings of the voestalpine Group were materially affected during the first six months of the current business year.

      Receivables are sold to core shareholders at arm’s length in connection with the first type of factoring agreement (see Note 29 of the Consolidated Financial Statements 2020/21, Disclosures of transactions not recorded in the statement of financial position, for a description). As of September 30, 2021, these receivables totaled EUR 241.2 million (March 31, 2021: EUR 204.2 million).