voestalpine’s first Corporate Responsibility Report

Workpiece – Philip Prantner, Metal technology/Civil engineering technology, second-year apprentice (photo)

Philip Prantner
Metal technology/Civil engineering technology, second-year apprentice

This is the first sustainability report of voestalpine AG. The report contains information about the key activities with regard to sustainability and what has already been undertaken.

At voestalpine, activities associated with the company’s sustainability approach have long been established in the areas of the environment, society, employees, and economy. Many individual projects have received awards and have garnered recognition and approval from peers. With this report, the company would like to show what has already been achieved and what the goals with regard to corporate responsibility are.

Report parameters

All the information provided refers to the entire Group. When compiling the environmental performance indicators, all voestalpine Group production companies in which voestalpine has a stake greater than 50 %, i.e., companies that process, convert, or treat a product, were included. This simplification enables a Group-wide presentation without compromising data quality. Sustainability impacts along the value chain that occur outside of voestalpine’s premises and beyond its direct sphere of influence are only partially addressed in this report.

Reporting period

The voestalpine business year is from April 1 to March 31. The business year is the parameter for the depiction of the economic key figures and employee data; the reporting period for the economic key figures and employee data comprises the last five business years. As much of the environmental data must be reported to public agencies on a regular basis, they are compiled for the calendar year and are also quoted as such in this report. The reporting period for environmental data comprises the last five calendar years.

The significant deviations of the figures listed for 2009 are due to the global economic crisis and the associated temporary decline in the Group’s production.

In the future, voestalpine plans to publish a sustainability report every two years with a two-year reporting period in order to ensure seamless reporting of sustainability performance.


In accordance with voestalpine’s internal assessment, the present Corporate Responsibility Report meets the requirements of GRI Application Level C (version G3.0).

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) was launched in 1997 and has established itself as the standard for the preparation of sustainability reports.

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