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The following PDF files are available

(PDF:) Entire Annual Report 2018/19


235 pages


1.8 MB

(PDF:) The Group


28 pages


919 kB

(PDF:) Supervisory Board


2 pages


26 kB

(PDF:) Management Board


2 pages


30 kB

(PDF:) Letter of the Management Board


2 pages


30 kB

(PDF:) Investor relations


4 pages


65 kB

(PDF:) Corporate Governance Report


8 pages


63 kB

(PDF:) Compliance


2 pages


31 kB

(PDF:) Management Report


35 pages


193 kB

(PDF:) Divisional Reports


16 pages


109 kB

(PDF:) Steel Division


4 pages


46 kB

(PDF:) High Performance Metals Division


4 pages


39 kB

(PDF:) Metal Engineering Division


4 pages


47 kB

(PDF:) Metal Forming Division


4 pages


41 kB

(PDF:) Consolidated Financial Statements


8 pages


70 kB

(PDF:) Notes to the consolidated financial statements


128 pages


478 kB

(PDF:) Investments


13 pages


85 kB

About voestalpine

In its business segments, voestalpine is a globally leading technology group with a unique combination of materials and processing expertise. With its top-quality products and system solutions using steel and other metals, it is a leading partner of the automotive and consumer goods industries as well as of the aerospace and oil & gas industries. voestalpine is also the world market leader in complete railway systems as well as in tool steel and special sections.


50 Countries on all 5 continents
500 Group companies and locations
52,000 Employees worldwide

Earnings FY 2018/19

€ 13.6 Billion


€ 1.6 Billion


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