Business model

voestalpine is a group that operates worldwide; from the production of steel to the manufacturing of capital goods, it covers a wide range of the industrial value chain.

voestalpine produces and processes steel and manufactures steel parts and components for market segments that place extraordinarily high demands on the utilized materials. In addition to the automotive industry, these segments include the energy and aviation industries as well as the European and U.S. space programs.

While materials production is focused on steel, the Group has developed a broader approach in the area of downstream processing and component production and processes other metallic materials as well, such as aluminum for the automotive industry and titanium for the aviation industry.

After the strategic realignment of the Group in 2001, the focus of its growth activities was placed on processing and component production, thus initiating voestalpine’s shift away from being a “classic” steel company to a technology and capital goods corporation. The organizational structure was adapted to this strategy and the Group divided into four divisions; since then, the divisions have been continuously expanded and today, they all have leading positions in their markets.

The strength of the voestalpine Group is in the interconnection and collaboration of the Group companies and the fact that the processing divisions have access to their own steel production that enables them to develop unique solutions. voestalpine views itself as the company of choice for solution concepts that involve high-tech steel and metallic high-performance materials.

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