voestalpine as employer

A high number of job applications, the low fluctuation rate, and the long average job tenure are proof of the attractiveness of voestalpine as an employer. In the business year 2012/13, there were an average of 24 applications for each job vacancy; this was an increase of 20 % compared to the previous year.

The fluctuation rate, which has been low for years–4.8% in the business year 2012/13–attests to the high degree of loyalty demonstrated by voestalpine’s employees. Regular rankings and awards testify to voestalpine’s attractiveness as an employer among entry-level job applicants.

Employee survey

Every three years, voestalpine conducts an employee survey with the assistance of external consultants. The divisions nominate those companies that are to be included in the survey. The criteria require that the number of employees is high enough to guarantee anonymity when the results are analyzed. The last survey was conducted in October 2013: around 42,000 employees from 153 Group companies in 21 countries were surveyed, with materials being translated into 13 languages. The anonymous analysis of the results was carried out by an independent institute. The responses regarding employee satisfaction, loyalty, employee commitment, and identification with the company were above the industry benchmark. The responses from the employee survey are integrated into a structured dialogue between management and employees to look for and implement joint solutions wherever possible. A tool was developed to ensure the implementation of the solutions.

Job tenure and age structure of the employees

Age structure of the employees


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As of March 31, 2013


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30 – 50 years old


More than 50 years old




















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Salaried employees








As voestalpine has hired an increasing number of new employees in recent years, the percentage of employees that have worked in the company for five years or less has increased commensurately. At the same time, however, the number of employees who have worked for voestalpine for more than 25 years increased as well, attesting to the high degree of loyalty of voestalpine employees.

In the business year 2012/13, the average age of all employees was 41.

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