Occupational safety

Occupational safety is a core issue for voestalpine, with the prevention of work-related accidents taking top priority.

The majority of voestalpine companies has certified occupational safety and health management systems. For example, in 2012, Villares Metals, Brazil, successfully completed the OHSAS 18001 certification.

A key measure undertaken to improve occupational safety is increasing awareness and providing regular training and continuing education for all employees. Ongoing training and supervision are integrated into day-to-day work in all Group companies. In addition to providing information, the objective of the training is primarily to motivate employees to practice safe behavior. For example, this training involves the correct use of personal protective gear.

voestalpine also endeavors to ensure that life and health of employees of independent contractors are protected. The relevant guidelines are binding for external companies.

Recording and analyzing work-related accidents and near misses is essential for accident prevention.

Due to various measures and systematic safety management, the number of accidents and the associated time lost has been falling continually in recent years. In the business year 2012/13, time lost due to work-related accidents was 1.8 % below the previous year’s figure.

voestalpine endeavors to eliminate any risks for its employees in all areas relevant to occupational safety. The growing internationalization of the voestalpine Group also results in increasing travel and longer stays abroad by employees. In order to protect employees who are traveling, a security team was put in place; it has developed appropriate safety guidelines and emergency plans. In addition to general recommendations, they contain numerous, concrete tips about the subject of safety and behavior in emergencies.

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