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Preventive measures are the first line of defense of a compliance management system. In this context, comprehensive training programs were again carried out in the business year 2012/13 in all of the Group’s divisions. In order to achieve a training effect that is as broad-based as possible, e-learning systems are being increasingly used in addition to face-to-face training. For example, within the scope of a single web-based e-learning course, more than 4,500 of the Group’s employees received training specifically on antitrust law and more than 18,000 employees received training on the Code of Conduct; both courses included a final test. After the training initiative 2012/13, the focus in the period under review was, on one hand, to give new employees a better understanding of compliance, particularly through e-learning courses and, on the other, to carry out face-to-face training sessions that were oriented toward specific target groups. Moreover, during the reporting period, general compliance training was provided within the scope of executive training programs. Additionally, compliance issues are brought to the attention of voestalpine employees on a regular basis by way of regular communications, particularly through employee magazines, poster campaigns, or at Group and divisional events.

Information about the subject of compliance in the voestalpine Group is also available on the voestalpine AG website, and employees also have access to information on the Group intranet.

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About voestalpine

The voestalpine Group is a steel-based technology and capital goods group that operates worldwide. With its top-quality products, the Group is one of the leading partners to the automotive and consumer goods industries in Europe and to the oil and gas industries worldwide.


50 Countries on all 5 continents
500 Group companies and locations
48,113 Employees worldwide

Earnings FY 2013/14

€ 11.2 Billion


€ 1.4 Billion


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