Hybrid bond (2007–2014)

The hybrid bond issued by voestalpine AG in October 2007 with a total volume of EUR 1 billion (coupon rate 7.125%) has recovered well from the turmoil on the international financial markets in 2008 and 2009. Following a low of 75 (% of the face value), as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2010/11, it was at 104 (% of the face value).

(Please refer to Item 16 “Equity” in the explanations and other disclosures in the consolidated financial statements for more details.)

Corporate bond 1 (2009–2013)

The corporate bond, which was issued at the height of the credit crisis in order to ensure liquidity (volume EUR 400 million, coupon rate 8.75%), has registered substantial price gains since being issued. After a lengthy period of lateral movement, by the end of the business year 2010/11, the corporate bond 2009–2013 had risen to 110 (% of the face value).

Corporate bond 2 (2011–2018)

In early February 2011, voestalpine AG successfully placed a seven-year bond issue on the capital market with a coupon rate of 4.75% and a volume of EUR 500 million. Interest in this bond was unusually high so that the order book attained a volume of more than EUR 700 million, thus clearly exceeding the originally planned transaction volume of EUR 300 to 400 million. Trading of the bond began on February 3, 2011, in the regulated over-the-counter market of the Vienna Stock Exchange. Since then, the bond has always been trading above the initial offering price, closing on March 31, 2011, at 101 (% of the face value).

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