28. Disclosures of transactions not recorded in the statement of financial position according to § 266 (2a) of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB)

Trade receivables amounting to EUR 614.2 million (March 31, 2010: EUR 418.6 million) were sold and derecognized. With regard to factoring, credit insured trade receivables are assigned to banks at 100% of their nominal value, whereby the acquiring banks assume the default risk (del credere risk and political risk); moreover, the power of disposition is transferred to the buyer of the receivables. The seller assumes a contingent liability in the amount of the deductible of the credit insurance (range from 10% to 30%). At the reporting date, the maximum risk from the contingent liability amounts to EUR 68.3 million (March 31, 2010: EUR 50.5 million).

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