EBITDA increased by 60%

The improved economic climate is reflected even more distinctly in the individual reporting categories than in the level of revenue, as the impact of the lower break-even point, which was reduced during the economic crisis, and of the successful results of the still ongoing optimization programs is felt particularly strongly here. In comparison to the business year 2009/10, a revenue gain of 28.1% resulted in an increase of 59.9% in the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), which went up from EUR 1,004.3 million to EUR 1,605.6 million, and a rise in the EBITDA margin from 11.7% to 14.7%. With a jump by EUR 294.5 million or 314.6 % from EUR 93.6 million to EUR 388.1 million, the Special Steel Division saw the largest gain in EBITDA, both in absolute and relative terms, more than quadrupling the previous year’s figure. The EBITDA figures in the Profilform (+92.2% from EUR 83.0 million to EUR 159.5 million), Automotive (+64.1% from EUR 73.8 million to EUR 121.1 million), and Steel (+40.6% from EUR 423.3 million to EUR 595.1 million) Divisions also experienced a significant boost. Because, in contrast to the other divisions, last year’s figures had already been very high in the Railway Systems Division due to its strong and stable performance, the increase is “only” 14.9%; nevertheless, this represents another substantial improvement of the division’s EBITDA from EUR 367.7 million to EUR 422.4 million.

EBITDA – Profit from operations before depreciation (bar chart)

In comparison to the immediately preceding quarter (third quarter of 2010/11), Group EBITDA climbed by 25.8% from EUR 396.5 million to EUR 498.6 million.

Profit from operations (EBIT) almost tripled

With an operating result (EBIT) of EUR 984.8 million in the business year 2010/11, the voestalpine Group improved its operating result compared to the previous year (EUR 352.0 million) by the impressive percentage of 179.8%, with an improvement of the EBIT margin from 4.1% to 9.0%. The practically complete utilization of the Group’s entire production capacity, together with its strategy of consistently focusing on leadership in terms of products, quality, and technology, once again generated an operating result that is significantly ahead of voestalpine’s European competition.

EBIT – Profit from operations (bar chart)

Compared to the immediately preceding quarter, EBIT in the fourth quarter of 2010/11 rose even more significantly than EBITDA, namely by 33.9% from EUR 244.0 million to EUR 326.6 million (for the divisional EBIT development, please refer to the reports on the individual divisions).

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