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Compliance guidelines

Additions to the provisions of the Code of Conduct were made by way of Group guidelines where they were defined in more closely:

  • Business conduct

This guideline regulates, for example, the permissibility of gifts, invitations, and other benefits, donations, sponsoring, ancillary activities, and the private purchase of goods and services by employees of customers and suppliers.

  • Guideline regarding dealings with business intermediaries and consultants

This guideline defines the procedure to be complied with prior to contracting or engaging sales representatives, other sales consultants, consultants, or lobbyists. An objective analysis of the prospective partner’s business environment and scope of activities prior to establishing business relations is required to ensure that the partner can comply with all applicable laws and the Code of Conduct of the voestalpine Group.

The Code of Conduct and the compliance guidelines apply across the entire Group and are available in 14 languages.

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