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Since its IPO in 1995, the voestalpine Group has continued to expand its compliance activities in order to protect the company against financial damages and prevent damage to its reputation. Initially, within the scope of the IPO, the focus was on capital market compliance, with additional compliance issues being added subsequently. Since 2002, trainings in antitrust law have been held in all of the Group’s divisions on a regular basis. A major additional step was the introduction of a Code of Conduct in 2009, which is valid for all of the Group’s employees.

In the business year 2011/12, a new, comprehensive compliance management system was implemented—not least as a consequence of the “rail antitrust proceedings.” In addition to a Group compliance officer, a compliance officer was appointed for each division of the Group. The Group compliance officer reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board and is not bound by directives. The divisional compliance officers report to the Group compliance officer and to the respective heads of the divisions.

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