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Economic and financial crisis

Based on the knowledge gained as a result of the recent economic and financial crisis and its effect on the voestalpine Group, additional—primarily corporate—measures were taken during the past several years to minimize risk exposure, and these measures are continuing to be consistently implemented and will be maintained in the coming years. They are in particular targeted at

  • Minimizing the negative effects that a recessionary economic trend would have on the company by means of relevant planning precautions (scenario planning)
  • Maintaining high product quality with concurrent continual increases in efficiency and ongoing cost optimization
  • Having sufficient financial liquidity available even in the event of constricted financial markets, and
  • Securing in-house expertise with a view to continuing the long-term expansion of our quality and technology leadership even more efficiently than before

Concrete measures to eliminate or minimize the risks previously identified within the voestalpine Group have been developed and implemented. These measures are aimed at reducing potential losses and/or minimizing the likelihood of losses occurring.

It can be stated that, from today’s perspective, the voestalpine Group is exposed to limited, manageable risks that do not threaten the continuation of the Group. There is no indication of any risks that endanger the future survival of the Group.

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