The following PDF files are available

(PDF:) Entire Letter to Shareholders, 1st Half 2012/13


36 pages


230 kB

(PDF:) The Group


7 pages


102 kB

(PDF:) Letter of the Management Board


1 page


34 kB

(PDF:) Investor relations


4 pages


80 kB

(PDF:) Management Report


7 pages


82 kB

(PDF:) Divisional Reports


6 pages


68 kB

(PDF:) Steel Division


2 pages


49 kB

(PDF:) Special Steel Division


2 pages


48 kB

(PDF:) Metal Engineering Division


2 pages


50 kB

(PDF:) Metal Forming Division


2 pages


48 kB

(PDF:) Consolidated Financial Statements


5 pages


52 kB

(PDF:) Notes to the consolidated financial statements


8 pages


77 kB






The following XLS files are available

(XLS:) All tables (22) of the Letter to Shareholders, 1st Half 2012/13 (indexed)


114 kB

(XLS:) Group Key Figures


21 kB

(XLS:) Comparison of the quarterly and six-month figures of the voestalpine Group


18 kB

(XLS:) Steel Division


18 kB

(XLS:) Special Steel Division


18 kB

(XLS:) Metal Engineering Division


18 kB

(XLS:) Metal Forming Division


18 kB

(XLS:) Share capital


15 kB

(XLS:) Prices (as of end of day)


15 kB

(XLS:) Business year 2011/12


14 kB

(XLS:) Financial calendar 2013


15 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated statement of financial position


19 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated statement of cash flows


17 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated income statement


19 kB

(XLS:) Statement of comprehensive income


17 kB

(XLS:) Consolidated statement of changes in equity


17 kB

(XLS:) Scope of consolidated financial statements/acquisitions


16 kB

(XLS:) Diluted and basic (undiluted) earnings per share


15 kB

(XLS:) Operating segments


22 kB



16 kB



16 kB

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  • Share price as of September 30, 2012 (euros) 23.29    EPS – Earnings/share (euros) 1.98    Dividend/share (euros) 0.80
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