Acquisitions and divestments

In the business year 2011/12, only two smaller yet strategically significant acquisitions were concluded, both in the turnout technology segment of the Metal Engineering Division (until March 31, 2012 Railway Systems Division).

One was the acquisition of a 71.0% share of the German company LASA Schienentechnik GmbH (headquartered in Bremen) by voestalpine BWG GmbH & Co KG; this company specializes in the maintenance and welding of tram turnouts and rails, thus enabling voestalpine to expand the segment that services mass transit. It was included in the consolidated financial statements for the first time in the business year 2011/12.

The other acquisition was the purchase of all assets and know-how of the Dutch company Baas B.V. for the development and production of wheel diagnostic and axle recognition systems based on fiber optic technology.

Integration of both activities into the turnout technology unit proceeded according to schedule.

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